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I’m very excited to share this news with you all, it’s been two months now yet it’s still feel surreal for me.. I asked on my instagram and a lot of you said you want to know how he popped the question so now I’m gonna tell you the complete story about it! First time on my social media..

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First sign. It all started when he forbid me to touch his luggage 2 days before we flew to The Netherlands.. He was so persistent about it which very unusual and of course made me think, he must be hiding something, is he going to propose me? But then he opened his luggage in front of me the night before, and the excitement of going on a holiday managed to distract my mind so I didn’t think any further..

A Bridge Too Far. We arrived at his hometown on Monday, June 4th.. We took a little tour around the city of Arnhem from the airport on the way home, he pointed and gave quick explanation of some historical buildings related to “A Bridge Too Far” movie about Battle of Arnhem.. I told him I want to visit and see those buildings someday later during our holiday.. We didn’t really have plan for the first 2 days because we’re both super jet lagged.. The only plan was we’re going to visit a castle on Wednesday.. I asked him if that castle has something to do with the movie and he said no, I asked so why are we going there? What’s so special with that castle? He didn’t answer..

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Moment of Truth. It was Wednesday June 6th, the weather was amazingly sunny in Arnhem and we were ready to go to Doorwerth castle.. His mom drove us there (later on I knew it was because of my request to have the proposal recorded).. We went to the entrance, I was wow-ed by the view when his mom said, “Come, I’m gonna take a picture of you together”.. After a few clicks, things got weird, his mom was busy with the phone either still taking pictures or videos, I wasn’t sure.. Suddenly Robin held both of my hands and said,

We’ve been together for almost 2 years now and you’ve been a very lovely girl, you always take care of me, when I was sick, tell me to drink more water, take care the house.. And I took care of you when you’re sick.. So I have a little gift for you

Back and forth. He wanted to grab something from his mom’s purse and just when I thought oh shit is this it?!!  He walked back to me and said, ” no no just kidding.” I was like fiuh! Not today.. There’s a little bit of relief, not because I’m not ready to be proposed but I always thought he would probably proposed me on the upcoming Christmas holiday.. The situation was already quite awkward and weird and my mind was everywhere when he continued, no no I’m serious, I have something for you but you have to close your eyes now

Will you? I knew this is for real now.. A couple seconds later, he told me to open my eyes and of course he already down on one knee, holding the ring.. I remembered I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw that.. He asked me the magic question, do you want to marry me? Which he immediately corrected it to will you marry me, Marcella Margareth? I broke into tears and just nod, he asked me again to confirm, “yeah?” And i was like half crying half shouting I said YES!

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It was indeed the happiest moment of my life.. Getting proposed by the man of my dream with a simple yet beautiful ring, in the castle like a princess (or Mother of Dragon :P), and on top of that, I realized I was wearing my mom’s old skirt, a present from my dad! What a sweet coincidence!


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