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Six month ago, I married the love of my life.. We’ve been dating for 1.5 years before he proposed me last year summer (read the proposal story here).. All the wedding preparation took around 8-9 months.. We knew since the beginning what we wanted, a simple classic intimate wedding, and luckily our parents were also on the same page.. If you know the typical Indonesian wedding, most of them are big and glamorous.. So we’re very grateful to have such an open-minded parents..

Since I come from a Chinese descent, I wanted to cherish that by adding some Chinese tradition to our wedding, a memory to remember, to tell to our kids, even grand kids later.. We chose to do the Chinese Tea Ceremony / Teapai, where we showed respect and gratitude towards our parents, grand parents, aunties and uncles for everything they’ve done in our life.. It’s a very simple ceremony yet meaningful, we bowed to them 3 times and served them tea..


The Holy Matrimony took place in Saint Ursula chapel.. I spent 14 years of my life there, from kindergarten to senior high, plus it’s not that big but enough for our 100++ guests, and i love the white interior, so what could be more perfect than celebrating the next step of my life here?

In front of the Church and our families and close friends, we exchanged our vow, we promised each other to love and to cherish our love forever, till death do us part.. It was an emotional day, a lot of people teared up, also me of course.. The hardest part was when we had to go to our parents to say thank you.. It was real, it was beautiful.. Everything was so perfect, it was the wedding that I’ve been dreaming of.. I was so happy, especially because we could give our parents something special to remember for the rest of their life too.. To Robin’s parents because they never experienced that kind of wedding before..

Six months later, we’re still madly in love with each other and very grateful we found each other in this big world.. Nothing really change in our relationship except the fact that now we have the rest of our life together and we’re actually moving to the Netherlands.. Robin has a job now in NL and my spouse visa (MVV) just got approved! Not yet pregnant because we want to settle down first but we’re very excited to see what the future brings.. And more wedding pictures are coming so get ready! But for now, cheers to many days of love and laughter!

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