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The first month of 2018 is almost over and this time I really felt it day by day.. But before I spill everything, since this is the first official post this year, please let me greet you all with Belated Happy New Year 2018!

To be honest, I’ve been wanting to post this article since New Year but January turned out to be a roller coaster month for me, both physically and (especially) mentally.. It was started when I was going to do a photoshoot for diBase (now SEMILIR) in Bali, everything was planned.. But then a lot of problems occurred on the very last minutes, from tailor dramas to unstable weather. I was already doubting my capability as an entrepreneur since November.. So when we had to reschedule the shoot due to the weather, we had to spend more money, thus the budget exceed too much (I was in Bali already), I almost lost it.. It seemed like nature was against me.. Have you ever felt like that too?

Yeap, I was that close to quit.. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that I was sitting at an almost empty beach (it was raining).. My head was full I didn’t know what to think, so I decided to relax my mind a bit by swimming in the ocean.. At that moment, I started to recall everything from the previous year, all the struggles, all the hard works and achievements, also my summer trip to Europe (read my EU posts here), it was beyond everything! Then I realized 2017 was a great year..


After 20-30 minutes, I went back to my beach chair, much clearer mind and better mood.. Thinking about my family and friends advice and opinion, I knew I could not quit, because not only a lot of people’s life are depending on this business, but also I’ve done so much for this brand, we grow together, plus it’s only a year old.. Yes maybe I’m not a good entrepreneur (yet), maybe the road to success is harder than I thought, but I chose this path.. Even with those difficulties, Semilir first year was not that bad and I could checked many things on my Europe bucket lists is partly because of it (flexible working time and place)..

At the end, the photoshoot went smoothly, the weather was good (even the sun was shining for awhile), the location was great, the whole team were very kind and professional, I had so much fun! It was such a relieved when we finished the shoot.. Finally one of my obsession / goal was come true (I’ve always wanted to do a proper photoshoot for Semilir).. This event taught me that it’s true what they said “Everything happens for a reason”.. A little bump on the road should never stop us, we have to believe in ourself more, work harder and smarter until we reach our goals, our dreams.. Cos dreams do come true..  *cheers!



Scarf from Semilir

White dress from BIASA

Earrings from local shop in Provence

Photographed by Audrey G at lavender field, Aix-en-Provence

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Beautiful post :) Love it :)



Great your blog !
Beautiful pictures, I really like.
Superb work !



I love your fashion sense and style. you are very pretty!

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