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Writing this post in the train back from Pekalongan, a city in Central Java, to Jakarta after some meetings to develop my brand, diBase..

I learnt so many things on this short trip and I’m still amazed on how the universe works.. We never know where, when, or how we will get something, especially when it comes to learning and getting opportunities.. There are endless ways to achieve your goals, or even triggered you to set new goals..

That thinking led me to write this post.. Every June I celebrate The Style After birthday and this year is the 5th birthday.. I still couldn’t believe that I’ve been blogging for 5 years already! It brought me back to day 0 when I decided to blog, never crossed my mind that I will still blogging half a decade later.. I have to admit that I’m still struggling to post consistently, because of time management, content creation, and many silly lazy reasons..


I still remember how I always wanted to be a full time blogger yet it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.. Never underestimate something when you only know the surface.. I made mistakes and I was trying to find ways to fix them or at least make it better.. And along the way, I found myself..

I have to be honest and accept the fact that for now or at least for a couple years, it’s kinda impossible for me to blog full time, because I have other responsibility and bills to pay..

After I convinced myself that it’s ok to be a part-time blogger and by accepting that fact, I feel less burdened.. Blogging used to be fun before it became some kind of competition.. I want to enjoy blogging again because even only as a part-time blogger, I’ve got many things in return.. Partnerships, collaborations, supports (from you and you and you), and the lists keep on going..

I’m not quitting.. Like I said before, there are endless ways to achieve your goals.. And maybe with this decision, I can pursue my other dreams while still doing things that I love, blogging.. :)

So cheers to the future of blogging and remember the beauty of it!


Earrings from Sebelas

Crop top and skirt from H&M

Shoes from Zara

Photographed by Almira D

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