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Everyone has their own favourite brands, favourite place to shop, and of course favourite style.. But as a human, we have this natural curiosity inside us to try new things, to explore all possibilities.. And if we want to talk about fashion, this is the never-stop growing industry.. They will continue creating new trends, new spectacular designs, every seasons.. Until the third quarter of this year alone, there are so many new fashion brands launched all over the world.. Not to mention the online shops that have been quite an addiction lately.. So, where should we begin with? Here in this article I have the honour to share with you one amazing fashion platform called StyleWe


Why I call it fashion platform instead of online store?

Because StyleWe is a platform for both shoppers and designers

Shoppers. What separate StyleWe from other online store, they provides us with a very unique and high quality products. They are unique because they collaborate with more than 300 independent talented fashion designers around the world to create exclusive pieces. You’ll find many different styles, from boho to rock n roll, crazy prints, unusual cutting, and the most important thing, the touch of designer there. You can shop based on types of outfit like usual or you can discover your favourite designers on the designer page.


Designers. Not just for online shoppers, StyleWe is also a place where all young edgy fashion designers around the globe show their talents. The reason is simple, because StyleWe understands it’s not easy to build your own brand and maintain it in a second. Here comes the GOOD NEWS, even though StyleWe already has more than 300 designers right now, each and every one of them with their own signature style, whether a classic one or a contemporary one, like UARE, StyleWe still open for any of you, aspiring fashion designers to join them.

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If you’re not convinced yet, either as a shopper or a designer, you can check more on their website and their blog here.

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