White Winter


Hello again blogging world! It’s been 6 months since my last post, from winter to summer now in the Netherlands.. Everything is still fine here, number still high but the covid vaccine is distributed faster then ever.. Robin just got vaccinated yesterday and I’m waiting for mine this Sunday.. How about you and your country? Please comment down below because I love it when you guys also share your situation with me.. I mean online is the main platform now for the past 1.5 years right?

Anyway, how’s life in 2021 guys? For me, it’s still very much the same, busy at home with household, Laika, and my works.. We went on a short vacation inside the country because it is saver yet still a very needed holiday for the three of us.. It was fun and we’re very blessed with a good summer weather.. Speaking about weather, did I tell you that we had THE BEST WINTER ever?! It was snowing like crazy for a full week, even the lake froze and we could skate on the lake! How cool is that?!


This was my first snow and I’m still feeling very lucky to be able to experience it this way.. The snow was 20cm thick and Laika loved it so much! Who would’ve thought that she loooveee eating the ice? It was so fun playing with her in the snow.. XD We’re gonna post a video about that soon in our Youtube channel.. We bought secondhand ice skates and we went skating at the lake near our house, it was quite busy so we wore masks, just in case you know.. The next day, we even went skating together with our lovely neighbor.. It was such a beautiful memorable winter.. I don’t know if we’re going to have it again this year or not.. But for now, I can’t wait until the days get warmer and the sun shines again (tropical girl problem 😛 ) and also to be able to travel again..

We don’t have any travel plan this year, especially to Indonesia, eventhough I miss the food, the weather, the beaches, and of course my family and friends.. But it’s just doesn’t make sense to travel now.. How about you guys? Any travel plan this year? Share with me in the comment below ok? 😉

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