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arc de triumph

Continuing our trip as tourists on the third day here in Paris, after spending 4-5 hours inside Louvre museum the day before, we decided to visit Arc de Triomphe which only 10-15 minutes walk from our Airbnb room.. The weather was somehow gloomy, but we’re hoping it won’t be raining like yesterday..

After snapping a couple of pictures of this magnificent monument from afar, we wanted to take a closer look, yet a huge amount of crowds with the same purpose were queueing.. Not knowing how long it will take, we decided to move on and continue our tour.. The walking distance from Arc de Triomphe to our next destination is around 1.5 kilos.. So, we stopped for lunch at the chinese / thai restaurant we found along the way called Chez Zhong (because I was craving for Asian food), which turned out to be amazing! And the price is not that bad..

Fueled up, both me and my man were ready to hit the street and walk again.. We walked and took pictures, walked and took pictures, and walked.. Oh yes, one of many reasons that I like and miss the most about Paris and European countries is walking and strolling around the beautiful streets..

DSCF9939 copy

Around 30 minutes later, we arrived in our next destination, Eiffel. We didn’t go directly to the Eiffel Tower, instead we went to Place du Trocadero, where you can get a nice view of the tower.. We’re half running when we spotted the location.. Very normal I guess since it’s the first time for both of us to see it live..

Standing in front of The Tower made me nervous, excited, and felt surreal.. I had what you called “the moment” for a while, where every moving things around you stopped and let you absorb and process everything..

Then it’s time to explore.. Many tourists were busy taking pictures, I love the whole scenes, a boyfriend was taking his girlfriend’s pictures, families were taking selfies, girlfriends were taking turn to take individual pictures, it was a beautiful chaos and I just love it..


Blending with the crowd and becoming mainstream tourists, I was also taking turn with my man to take pictures, followed by several selfies, and the next thing you know, it’s somebody else’s turn so we moved, looking for another empty spot..

I was almost gave up when we found this empty spot on the way down to the garden, I was so carried away and forgot that there will always be a “hidden” not-so-crowded spot not far from center point, always.. Like when in Louvre, we managed to find empty spot just behind the pyramid while everybody is busy taking pictures in front of it.. We found it again here.. Without hesitation, before everybody see that spot and make it packed again, I asked him to take quick snaps..


My prediction was right, people started to notice the spot and were waiting for their turn but hey mission accomplished.. So we left the spot and walked through the stairs to the Trocadero Gardens.. The weather was suddenly changed, the sun was shining and it was finally the real summer.. We walked closer to the tower and wow! Unbelievable..

After checking the situation, we decided not to climb the tower because the queueing was too long.. We didn’t want to force ourself and just take it easy before going back to Holland.. And so the plan to Montmartre was also cancelled, replaced by sipping a glass of French wine in the nearest restaurant..

Two things that annoyed me during this trip are the souvenir men, who constantly try to sell gold and silver colored Eiffel miniatures for €1-2 each.. Well my advice is just ignore them, don’t look or even touch it if you don’t want to buy it.. The other thing is the ammoniac smell but you’ll get used to it somehow..

But other than that, it was perfect..

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