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Before anything else, let me greet you with Happy New Year 2019 !

It’s been a long hiatus for me to write something on this blog.. Not because I don’t have something to share but because I decided to take a little break from social media world.. It was around September when I realized it was tiring to keep on updating my social media accounts, especially instagram.. I know a lot of (bigger and famous) bloggers and influencers around the world were already talking about this topic since long long time ago.. So maybe some of you are already tired of hearing / reading about it (me too tbh!).. But the reason why I still wrote this article is because I (finally) experience it myself.. I can relate to it.

After I got engaged in June, time flew quite fast.. My days were occupied with wedding preparations, bazaars, traveling for events, and a little drama in between.. September – October was the peak.. Semilir had 2-3 bazaars in one month and I couldn’t breath.. The sales was amazing tho and I’m forever grateful for that.. But it was so intense I didn’t have time for myself, let along my social media.. I didn’t post anything for 1-2 weeks on my feed, barely anything on the Instastories and the number of followers went down, not drastically but enough to disturb my mind..

I was then trying to gain followers back by posting as frequent as possible but gosh it was tiring! Please keep it in mind I was still juggling between 1 bazaar to the next one while preparing the production and everything.. My wedding preparation was even on hold, because we don’t use any wedding organizer.. And of course it didn’t work.. I gained then lost followers again..


At that time my attitude was “That’s it! I don’t give a f**k anymore!” But don’t get me wrong, even it that mental state, I still opened the app, scrolling down to see the world.. I mean I always share what I want to share on my IG feed or stories, I never feel jealous or envy other people’s life every time I see them.. It’s not about competition either, to show that my life is better than yours etc etc etc..  For me Instagram is one of many platforms to get my inspirations and hopefully to inspire others..

So when my life finally slowing down and I had a fresher mind, I started to think where is this pressure coming from? Why I was stressing out when I saw my followers went down?

It’s been how many years now since Instagram went public for the first time, around 8 years? And I’ve been using it and building it since then.. Eventhough it’s not much compare to other bloggers / influencers, it’s still my work.. So the number of followers did matter to me..

I love the fact that 900++ people appreciate my work and it made me sad (and stress) to see it went down.. I felt that I have the obligation to post something to keep you updated.. That’s where the pressure came from and it’s completely wrong and unhealthy..

From there, I learn that it’s ok to post late, it’s ok not to tell them every single things of your life.. If they really like and appreciate my work, they will stay no matter what.. That’s what we call social media family and I’m truly grateful for all of you who’s been following my journey since the beginning..

I am now enjoying the not-so-updated social media life, I feel less burdened and it allows me to connect more with people around me and enjoy every moment with them.. Thank you once again for becoming my loyal social media family.. Let’s make this year healthier and memorable.. New year, new changes!



Turtleneck top from Muji

Checkered skirt is my mom’s

Earrings from LYKA

Photographed by le fiancé at Doorwerth Castle, Netherlands

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