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Entering a new year sometimes gave us mix feelings, the excitement of going through something new or getting closer to something that you’ve been waiting for, or simply because we have another year to fix our previous year mistakes.. Either way, this year could be our fresh start..


A quick recap of 2019, last year was a great year!
For my work life, we did the first fashion show and talk show for Semilir , we finally launched our own website, I met new people, hearing their stories about their brands, and last but not least, we build a new team in Jakarta to help me.. Everything went quite well for Semilir and I can’t be more proud of us!

As for personal life, marriage life has been amazing! Me and Robin are now entering our 8th month of marriage and I can feel that our bond is getting stronger.. I love how we grow together as a couple and I am forever grateful for him.. Our journey to move to NL also had no significant issues, everything was quite smooth.. Robin got a new job, my MVV (partner/spouse visa) got approved by the Dutch government with no hassle, and just before I flew back to Indonesia, we got a very very exciting news! (No, we’re not pregnant (yet)) Eventhough I can’t tell you now, I really hope I can share the news as soon as possible..

Now talking about 2020, we started the year hard, really hard! There was a massive flood in Jakarta area on January 1st, a lot of people lost their home and family members.. Not long after that, we heard and read the news about the massive fire in Australia, killed so many people and animals.. Adding on top of it is the potential WW3 between Iran and the US.. Gosh 13 days and we’re so f*cked up!

I don’t want to go to any political direction but I just want to say, this is our world, this is our responsibility to take a good care of it.. We can prevent a catastrophic future just by decreasing the amount of our trash, our waste.. Think twice before buying something, clothes, groceries, make up, etc.. Yes we might still have a good 30, 40, even 70 years of living , but think about our children, our grand children.. Is this the earth that we want to pass to them?

My goal this year is to live more and more sustainable and hopefully I can inspire more people to do so.. Start from my family and my brand.. How about you, do you have any specific goals this year?



Dress from Pomelo

Sandals from ZARA

Bag from Pedro

Location: Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, Germany

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