One Fine Day at the Park



It was a lovely sunny day so we decided to go strolling around Sonsbeek Park.. We went there during the golden hours and it was truly magical! I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but Autumn is my favourite season and this is exactly why! Not just watching the leaves turned yellow and red from the window, but I was surrounded by it..

The park was quite full, a lot of people were walking with their dog(s), children were playing, even we met 2 photographers.. We found a good not-so-busy spot and started to take pictures, especially the throwing leaves photos.. Can you imagine 2 adults were throwing leaves here and there, multiple times? Some people walked pass us and they were like half smiling half laughing.. XD

Robin’s photography skill is definitely getting better btw.. He’s been into photography since before we met, but never really have time to do it, so seeing him improving makes me happy.. And also fun fact, he likes being photographed too.. So whenever I asked him to take pictures of me, if he’s also in the mood, it will become a 2 persons’ photoshoot session (like in this post).. I never really thought about it before but now I think it creates another good dynamic in our relationship.. :)

Dress Sweater from Femme Luxe
Boots from
Reshare Thrift Store (similar here)

Location: Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, Nederland

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