Love or Not?



Getting closer to The Valentine’s Day, where all couples in the world will spend their lovely time together.. Girls starting to find a good chocolate recipes for their boyfriends.. The 24 hours will be filled with so much love and romantic things.. Feeling envy and miserable already? Telling yourself that you MUST have a boyfriend and celebrate Valentine’s day together with him next year?

Well, in this particular pre-Valentine post, I just want to be honest with you, it’s been around a decade for me to be fully aware of the ideal way to spend your Valentine’s Day.. And during that time, same as you, I didn’t always have a boyfriend to celebrate it with.. In fact, even when I had one, I couldn’t “properly” celebrate it, because Valentine’s Day is also my sister’s birthday..

But until today, I never feel unhappy or sad about the situation.. Why? BecauseĀ I’m surrounded with the people that I love the most and that’s the true meaning of Valentine’s day, doesn’t it? It is the celebration of love and love is everywhere, literally everywhere..

Yes, maybe this year your relationship status is single, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone in the darkest corner of your bedroom.. How about your crazy-also-single girlfriends? Or your currently-in-long-distance-relationship big sister? Or maybe your adorable pet? They are love and deserve your time as well.. Go karaoke with them, do shopping therapy (never fail to me), manicure-pedicure session, or just a dinner.. You can be even happier than many couples out there..

Changing your mind now? šŸ˜‰

If you’re done contacting the person you want to spend your Valentine’s day with, the rough spontaneous plan is set, how about your outfit? I’m not a very feminine girl myself, I always add something “boyish” to my look.. So if you don’t want to go over girly, here’s an idea for you..

  • Pick a cute dress, doesn’t have to be a new one
  • Wear it with leather jacket, or chic vest to make it less girly
  • You can wear your favorite heels or just grab your favorite boots! It will give you an extra mood booster
  • As for the accessories, you can play your look by adding a fedora, or cool-framed glasses

Now you’re good to go! Just have fun and enjoy your Valentine with much love!


Dress and long vest from Commonneeds

Boots from Stradivarius

Vintage sunglasses fromĀ The Esoteric World

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