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How are you doing, my blogging fam? It’s been 4 months since the last time I wrote here.. So many things happened and I’m going to share some updates to you guys.. The most exciting news is we moved to our own house last May, finally!! After 8 months living with my in laws, finally we’re on our own now.. We’ve been busy doing some renovation and changing some parts of the house.. And yesterday our furniture finally arrived! We had to wait 5 months for it to be delivered due to the pandemic but all is well now.. Little by little, this house starting to feel like home.. :)

The second news is we made our own Youtube channel! The reason is simple, because we want to share our daily life here in The Netherlands with our friends and family in Indonesia plus embracing our cultures (Dutch and Indonesian).. We also did a house tour video there, so if you’re interested, you can check our channel Coconut and Cheese and become our Youtube fam as well.. 😀

Now about the situation here in NL during this pandemic, since July, all stores already opened and people starts to go out again.. We still have to keep 1.5m distance, washing hands, etc, but other than that things started to go back to “normal” again.. Some even forgot to keep their distance and sometimes it makes me wonder if they still aware that the virus is still around.. As for me and my husband, we both prefer to stay at home most of the time, wearing loungewear, no makeup, watching Netflix marathon and only go out when necessary..

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It is summer now, I can finally wear T-shirt, dresses, all my summer clothes again without feeling cold (tropical girl problem, who’s with me?).. Most of our friends are going on summer holiday now, but unfortunately vacation is not an option for us at the moment, even though as you might know some EU countries already opened the borders, because we’re saving for our next trip to Indonesia and we still have to buy some stuff for the house.. But hey! We found our new favourite place to go, both to shop and to refresh our mind, called Intratuin, it’s a big store that sells gardening stuff, these pictures were shot there.. OMG heaven! We’ve purchased a lot from there and I even have my own mini herbs garden now… 😀

So far life has been good to us and we’re very very grateful for that.. Of course we also had some unexpected problems but we just focused on the positive things.. 2020 has been chaotic enough and the world doesn’t need any more negative energy, right? I still have a lot to share with you guys but I’m gonna save it for later..
Until then, please stay safe and healthy! Don’t forget to wash your hands and wear mask if necessary 😉

Cropped top from Femme Luxe (similar here)
Skirt from Pomelo

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