How to Stay Sane Working from Home


Hi all! It’s been around 2 months since The Netherlands government annouced the social distanding and stay at home policy due to corona virus.. Even though for me, who basically stay at home almost 90% of the time, it doesn’t really change my routine much, but for a lot of people, this is a big deal.. Especially from the economical and mental-health point of view.. My business in Indonesia is also struggling, all bazaars and exhibitions are postponed, even online sales also slowing down.. Not to forget companies are cutting some of their employees.. So yeah, this is a hard time for all of us, but we’ll learn to adapt and in this blog, I want to share 5 tips of how to stay sane while stay at home so we can get through this together..


Learn new skills. Before this whole stay at home condition, we already have our daily routines, so maybe back then you wanted to do something new, you had to put it aside.. But since now we’re basically stuck at home and only going out for groceries once in awhile, it is the perfect time to learn something new.. It can be cooking, sewing, making a DIY project or simply improving your existing skills.. The feeling of accomplishment is good to boost your confidence and maybe you can use that skills in the future, to apply new job or else, we never know.. As for me, I’ve learned how to bake and cook (I’ve shared recipes on my Instagram stories, should I share it here too?)

Exercise at least 3 times a week. Even if you’re not a big fan of working out, you should really consider doing it, why? Because when you’re exercising, your body will produce endorphins and it can reduce symptoms of depression and boosting your mood.. So if your country still allow you to go out to exercise such as jogging/running, cycling, please do it.. If not, you can just do home-workouts.. I watched Youtube videos to help me with my home-workouts.. Sweat is good plus, we need to lose the fat we got from snacking too much right? 😛

Meditation is worth to try. Yes a lot of my friends have been doing it since the corona breakdown.. The stress of (possibly) losing a job or because they feel “trapped” at home or there’s a friend or family that got infected, all piling up and one might explode handling those pressure.. This is where meditation plays it part.. Meditation is proved to reduce stress and control your anxiety.. This way, it can help your sleeping quality (no more insomnia) and also a much stable blood pressure.. You can meditate anywhere and there are a lot of apps or forums about it.. So try it and ease your mind..


Enjoy quality time with family. Maybe we were too busy working or hanging out with friends, or playing too much with our gadgets that made us forget to spend time our family.. Now this is the perfect time to finally have a good quality time with them.. Sit down and have dinner together, watch a new TV series, or like me, I video call a lot with my family in Indonesia, even with my grandmother.. We visited Robin’s grandmother almost every week now.. Why is this important? Because they are our closest ones and with this virus spreading, we never know what will happen in the future.. So, enjoy the time that nature has given us..

Me-time is a must! Last but not least, you need to have your own me-time.. If usually your me-time is going out shopping or traveling, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your me-time anymore or less important than anything else.. Me-time is important to reset our mind and relax our body from all the tense we had.. Take 1-2 hours a day to have your me-time.. If you’re a housewife, ask your partner to take care the kids for awhile.. Then go watch your favourite movie(s) or read new books, or just relaxing in a warm bathtub while drink wine.. Find your “new” me-time around the house and stay sane..


I hope these tips can help you get through this crisis.. I just want to say, remember that you’re not alone.. We can do this together, follow what doctors say, your government rules, stay at home, keep your distance, stay positive, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay sane!


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