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Have you ever face a last minute fashion problems or perhaps unwanted disasters?

For example, I’m a dog lover and I have one at home.. The only problem that I have is whenever I’m all dressed up and on my way out to the car, I will see her and it’s really hard not to pet her, even sometimes hug her.. In that situation, you can guess what happen next, right? Her fur will stick on my clothes.. Or in other case, when you want to wear your long-time-no-use suede hat and it already covered with dust, but no time to wash it.. What should we do?

In today’s article I want to share some tips to solve those not-so-major but annoying problems, from daily stuffs to fashion disasters, or what people called, life hacks..

FIRST TIP. To remove unwanted animal fur or dust from fabric, instead of washing them or use mini vacuum cleaner (which I’m not sure can do any help or not) you can use tape to clean the dirt.. Any kind of tape will do but I recommend you to use the big one, because the bigger the faster.. The dirt will basically stick to the glue on the tape, if it already full with dirt, just change with new tape, repeat the steps until voila! Everything is as clean as new and you’re ready to go! It’s such a simple practical way and helps me a lot!

Now, with the help from Betabrand, an online clothing company, I will share another 10 tips from 10 different problems which you can apply at home.. And if you’re not familiar with Betabrand, they make a great line of comfortable pants for women 😉


From all the 10 tips above, I already tried The Sticky Situation and The Inconvenient Wrinkles.. They worked perfectly and solve my problems in a short amount of time.. If you wonder about the yoga pants, yes, you can now wear a very comfy outfit to work and still look stylish! You can purchase it here and don’t worry, they will give you a free shipping once you sign in.. Life can’t be more easier than this, don’t you agree?

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