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We’re officially a week away from Christmas, the most favourite time of a year! How’s your Christmas preparation so far? Are you going to visit and spend your time with family and friends?

It is fun to do everything for Christmas, but being busy to get all things done before holiday sometimes makes us forget the importance of giving ourself a reward.. Remember, we’ve been working hard during the year, our mind and body deserve a good treat.. You can go to spa near your place to get a body massage, or buy the stuff that you want as Christmas present to yourself, or if you’re too lazy to go out, you can do a lot of things at home, invite your BFFs and have fun..

Filled with joy and excitement, I’m going to give a quick easy tutorial on How to Make Nail Stamp.. The result is as shown in the picture.. And of course, at the end of this post, you’ll see how to enter my GIVEAWAY.. 😉

Without further talk, let’s start it!


What you need :

1. Nail stamp template plate

2. Stamper and Scraper

3. Stamping nail polish (thicker than regular nail polish)

4. Regular nail polish as base

5. Cuticle guard nail polish

6. Nail polish remover

7. Cotton pads

(click the photos to go directly to the product page)

Latex Cuticle Guard C108

HOW TO MAKE NAIL STAMP (step by step)

Choose your theme. Begin your DIY nail art by deciding what theme you want to make on your nails.. You can choose by seasons like summer or winter; color mood like pastel or black and white; minimalist or a bit decorative.. For this tutorial I went with Christmas red-white theme.

Ready your plate. After choosing your theme, grab your stamping plate, then peel off the sticker cover first. If your stamping plate is sticked to some kind of board, you can remove it as well to make your stamping process easier. Clean the glue residue on your stamping plate with alcohol, make sure you’re plate is 100% clean, then you’re good to go.


Cover your outside nail area. The function of this cuticle guard nail polish is to keep the skin around your nail clean / nail polish free, so after you finish with everything, you don’t have to clean the surrounding skin with nail polish remover which potentially can ruin your pretty nails. This step is optional.

Base coat. After finish covering your skin, you can start applying the base nail polish using your favorite nail polish, any brand will do.


Begin the scraping. Put 1-2 drops of stamping nail polish on the desired image. Use scraper or unused card to swipe the nail polish evenly through the whole image. It’s easier to swipe from left to right, but you can swipe it to any direction as long as you cover the image with nail polish. As in my case, I used the fireworks image and I want to create an abstract feel so I only spread the nail polish to the part that I want.


Begin the stamping. Immediately after the scraping process, grab your stamper and stamp it to the stamping plate to stick the nail polish. This step is a bit tricky because you can’t use usual stamping gesture, you have to stamp with rolling motion from left to right. I failed on my first attempt so the best advice is to practice first before applying it to your nail.

From stamper to nail. If you succeed on transferring the nail polish from stamping plate to your stamper, double check the image first. If you’re happy with the image (no missing part), adjust the position so you won’t stamp the image upside down or stamp to your skin, then you can stamp it to your nail with the same rolling motion.

  • Tips: practice first especially for first timer
  • The faster scraping-stamping process, the better!

Swap and repeat. You’re done with one nail, but before you start the whole scraping-stamping process again, you have to remove the nail polish from all equipments (stamping plate, scraper, stamper). I tried to scrape and stamp twice on the same image without cleaning it and it didn’t work. I didn’t get the image like I want. So make sure you clean everything. For the stamping plate and scraper, you must use nail polish remover. But for the stamper, since it’s a silicon, I used tape to clean it, easier and quicker.

Peeling. After finish with 10 nails, carefully peel off the latex guard around your nails. Clean all the nail polish on your skin using nail polish remover and cotton pads / cotton buds.

Finishing. The last step of this tutorial is apply top coat to set your nails. And voila! your nail stamp is done.. :) This step is optional, I didn’t use any top coat.



The Style After is teaming up again with BornPrettyStore to do Christmas giveaway.. One lucky winner will stand a chance to win:

2 stamping template plates
1 set of 2 sided stamper and scraper

1 regular nail polish

To enter this giveaway:

1. Follow BornPrettyStore on Instagram
2. Follow The Style After on Instagram

3. Leave a comment with your name and your Instagram account (make sure you don’t private your acc) down below

The giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and the winner will be chosen randomly..

This giveaway will be closed on December 30th, 2016 and I’ll announce the winner on December 31st, 2016



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