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Celebrate Christmas like Never Before



First, let me start with a little update about the situation here in the Netherlands.. So, continuing from my latest blog post, everything was already back to “normal” again around August.. But then the second wave of Covid-19 hit us hard in October and the numbers keep on going crazy until now, so just before Christmas the government announced that we’re back on lockdown situation where schools, non-essential stores, museums, etc are closed again.. But our lockdown is not as strict as in other countries, we can still visit people, especially during Christmas, we’re allowed to visit family and friends as long as maximum only 3 visitors per house a day and we keep our distance..

Now let’s talk about the happiest time of the year, Christmas!

Even though Christmas 2020 is not gonna be the same, me and Robin are still very very excited because this is our first Christmas together in the Netherlands in our own house! Yeap, last year I spent Christmas with my family in Indonesia.. So yes! We are looking forward to it and we’re sooo lucky because we finished our Christmas decoration shopping exactly 2 days before they announced the lockdown.. We went shopping at Intratuin and also the secondhand store called 2Switch.. Oh and we bought our own Christmas tree (yes the real tree), it was fun!! Definitely a different experience than in Indonesia..

Bodycon dress from Femme Luxe (similar here)
Heels from Zara


On Christmas Eve I’m gonna bake some beef macaroni and eat it together with the in-laws.. My mom always bakes beef macaroni for Christmas, me and my sister are her sous chef and since I’m far away from home, I want to keep the tradition with me here.. :)
As for my outfit, since it won’t be a super festive night because for my in-laws, the peak is on 25th December, I’m gonna wear something that is casual but cute and still have that Christmas vibe such as this pink loungewear set from Femme Luxe..

For Christmas Day, we’re gonna spend it with my in-laws again, dinner together, play some board games, and of course, exchanging gifts! Oh I’m so excited and very curious about the presents.. They have like, maybe 30 presents under their Christmas tree, yes I know, crazy right?! XD
And since it’s gonna be a jolly night, I’m gonna dress up a little bit more by wearing the burgundy bodycon dress with black stocking to keep my legs warm and some accessories that make me feel cute 😛

With so many things going on this year, simple things like putting up make-up on when you visit your parents-in-law or dressing up a bit when you do groceries, could lift up our mood.. That’s why even though we’re only going to celebrate Christmas at home, it is still important to do the best we can to stay happy (and of course healthy!).. <3

Loungewear Set from Femme Luxe (other colors here)

merry xmas

Ah last but not least, I forgot to mention that we have a new member in our family! This is Laika, the 5 months old Border Bollie! We got her in August when she was just 7 weeks old and been keeping us busy these past 4 months.. I’m currently editing the video when we first got her, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.. 😀

Merry Christmas to all of you, my blog fam! Don’t forget to wear your mask, wash your hands, keep social distancing, and stay safe and healthy! Let’s celebrate Christmas 2020 with warm hearts because it is still the happiest time of the year! Cheers from The Corba’s!

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