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My eyes caught all sort of stripe things lately and before me realizing, I already have plenty of stripes in my wardrobe.. Then comes this idea, instead of wearing them separately, why don’t wear some altogether?

Combining patterns or prints can be tricky.. So, here are some tips about pattern/print mixing :

1. Choose the same color family, like yellow-orange or sky blue-navy blue for examples.. Including black and white, because they go with everything.. The objective is to tone the whole look down, keeping it a little more basic will definitely make your look balanced..

2. Break up the look with solids, mixing patterns/prints doesn’t mean you have to wear a printed item from head to toe.. Remember, too much pattern in one outfit will turn you from cute to overwhelming.. Just break them up with a few solids (I did that with my hat and heels)

3. Look for complementary patterns, floral and stripes always good together, also leopard and polkadots, but always remember rule #1..

4. Don’t go over matchy-matchy, it’s ok to mix the same patterns in one outfit, but try to either choose different scales of them (for example, a small stripes blazer with a larger stripes dress like I wore) or switch the colors of the matching patterns..

5. Size does matter, never let your pattern compete with each other.. Try mix dense/large print with sparse/small print, the goal is to make the big one stands out and be the focal point.. Large polkadots shouldn’t be worn with huge plaid.. This is the way to balance your look..

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Other than those 5 mentioned, do remember not to get over-accessorized because we want the patterns to stand out, not the accessories.. I hope this post will be helpful for you, have fun mixing your patterns! 😉


Blazer from Stradivarius

Dress from H&M

Bag from ZARA

White Shoes from Stradivarius

Photographer: Faustina DP


Love & Dream,


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Great look! Love the bag!

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Wenny Yolanda

so cute! just saw your new hair, looking good! XD


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