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With the current world condition, we can’t say for sure what will happen in the future.. But at the same time, spring is here, the weather is finally getting better, warmer, and prettier.. In NL, we’re not in complete lockdown, we’re still allowed to go out but no more than 3 people, you’ll get fine for that.. Plus we have to keep the 1.5m distance between each other.. I was really tempted to dress up and go out, just to go to the nearest park or so..

Speaking about dressing up, it’s been awhile since I bought myself a new clothes, and even when I do a collaboration with a clothing line, such as Femme Luxe, I always choose the ones that I can wear for long term, not just for pictures.. Long term means the pieces have to be versatile and easy to mix and match.. I’ve talked about timeless clothing pieces before and also why white clothes is a must have items.. This time, I will talk about why black colored clothes is necessary to have..

 I didn’t own that many dark colored pieces in my wardrobe but lately I’ve been collecting some black clothes.. Because it works for every season.. During winter, it helps your layering game easier, it creates illusion and makes you look slim.. During spring/summer, even an oversized sweater like I wore here still looks good if you match it with a tight fit piece such as pencil skirt or skinny jeans..


Crop top sweater from Femme Luxe
Pencil skirt from Zara (similar here & here)
Bow kitten heels from Zara (similar here)
Earrings from Sebelas


Second reason why black clothes is everybody’s go-to color is because it goes well with everything.. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to mix and match a black outfit.. For example, I wore this black T-shirt with my blue velvet blazer and skinny jeans.. The black color helped the whole outfit to look subtle and only focus on the velvet blazer.. Another example is you can wear all black outfit from head to toe and not looking too much.. So, I believe there’s no such thing as “the new black”..

T-shirt from Femme Luxe
Velvet blazer from Reshare Thrift-shop Arnhem

The most important fact about black outfit is that the color looks good for everybody, young-old, men-women, no matter where you came from, what skin color you have, black will always look good on you.. You won’t be having the same problem as when you saw a pretty yellow dress but when you tried it out, it made you look pale, of in my case, it made me look unflattering.. But black, will never fail you..

Another reason is with black, you can be worry less about stain.. Let me give you and example, you went out with your girlfriends or a date with your boyfriend wearing a white trousers, your subconsciousness will tell you to double check before you sit down, but with black trousers, you wont be having the same level of attention and you’ll be more free..

So, how many black pieces do you have in your wardrobe?

Crop top from Femme Luxe (other colors here)
Wide leg trouser from Femme Luxe (other color here)

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I love how you paired the black pieces with lighter colors! I’m guilty of having a 90% black closet so I think it’s time to start introducing some color.



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