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Moving back to NL means starting over from zero.. New job, new environment, new friends, and of course a new house.. Finding the perfect house is not easy, size, location, price, especially with a lot of people also looking for houses, we were told there are a limited amount of houses available in NL.. Plus they use a bidding system which could make things harder.. But hey that’s the adventure yes? We’re currently still living with my parents-in-law while waiting for our house.. But of course, typical me, I’m already browsing and scrolling around Pinterest, collecting interior ideas.. Even I can’t resist myself to buy cute things I saw in second-hand stores, I mean, it’s cheap and you might not find it again, right?

If you ask me what, other than having my own walking closet, one thing I want for our future house is a photo collage wall, we had one back in Indonesia, a wall dedicated for our loved ones, family, friends, or quotes; and I’d love to have it again here in NL.. So when I found Photowall, I was so excited! Not only they have a wide selection of high-quality canvas prints, wallpapers, and posters, but also because they make everything based on order, so minimum waste and they use safe ink materials, which is important if we want to use it for our future house.. On top of that, I can upload my own photo, perfect! We chose the canvas print because we want it to be the centerpiece on our wall..


After searching through our photos together, we decided to print one of our wedding photo, the cool one, us riding Robin’s ultimate favourite bike.. We ordered the size 80×60 cm, not to big, not to small..

I got my package within 2 days which is very very fast for a custom-order.. Thumbs up for Photowall team!
In the package, I got: 2x 60cm wooden frames, 2x 80cm wooden frames, the canvas print, and some tools to help me assemble my canvas.. Yes it is a DIY thing, I love DIY and it’s not complicated at all! They gave me instruction on how to do it but also they have video here, or you can just continue reading this because I will also show you step-by-step how to assemble your canvas print..


1. Remove / cut the extra canvas at the corners
It’s already being machine-cut by them so you just need to cut a little part to completely remove it


2. Measure 12mm from the corner edge, mark it
This will be the mark to put the wood frames later


3. Remove the protective paper from the tape
They already provide us with double tape on each frame so don’t worry


4. Put the wood frames on the canvas print
The frame has 2 sides, the smooth one and the protruding one, the smooth one MUST face the outside (like in the picture).. The left and right edge of the frame must be placed on the 12mm marks


5. Attach the canvas print to the frame
Fold it 90 degrees and press the canvas print against the frame using hands, make sure they’re attached and glued nicely


6. Attach the corners to the frame
Do the same thing with the corners of the canvas print


7. Screw them together
Grab the L metal plate, place it on each corner, and insert the screws


It’s so easy, it can be done by 1 person, or it can also be a fun activity together with your partner/spouse


The finish result, you can hang it on the wall (they provide the tools as well) or just put it on top your drawer..


We’re both so happy with the result, the print quality is good, the wooden frames also feel heavy, definitely not a cheap wood.. I can imagine this canvas hanging on our future living room or bed room, we’ll see.. Last but not least, I’m giving you a 25% discount for any order, so you can also enjoy their amazing prints.. Just put this code thestyleafter2020 on their checkout page, my discount code is valid until 17 April 2020.. Let me know what is your favourite piece from them, I’m excited to see it!

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Hayley Martin

What a beautiful photo!! It’s going to make such a nice addition to your home. Good luck with getting everything sorted, i’m interested to see your journey!!

Hayley || hayleyxmartin



That’s a gorgeous photo and the project of putting it together looks really simple and fun!



Sometimes, starting from scratch can be hard, but this means new opportunities awaits. I love how you custom framed your wedding portrait! Super cute!
Nancy ♥



What an amazing picture love the custom frame too!



Sam | Violet Hollow

A perfect personal touch for your new adventure! Hope you are staying safe and well xx


Makeup Muddle

Oh wow what a gorgeous print, it’s such a beautiful photo and perfect for your wall xo

Makeup Muddle



Oh nice, you really did this! Such an awesome diy and that photo is definitely fun!


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